The entrance hall of the building is adorned with murals painted by an unknown artist in the late 1940’s. The initials “RJR” are the only clue to the artist’s identity.  

The murals depict the Allegheny Kiski Valley during WWII with scenes of factory production of aluminum, glass, and steel. Some civil defense scenes, radio broadcasting, and health care complete the  artist’s story.

The paint has darkened over the years and is peeling in some areas. Restoration is in the future, but it will be expensive unless expert helpers are willing to undertake a labor of love.

Below are four portions of the murals.

Lowell Thomas broadcasting news of the war effort to the Pittsburgh area and hundreds of miles beyond from radio station KDKA. The Grant Building, shown in his left hand, is where the broadcasting studio was located.

Nurse to help care for the returning wounded servicemen.

Steelworkers relining a hot metal vessel. The insulating brick lining is being loosened with a jack hammer, then shoveled out so the vessel can be relined with new bricks.

Steelworker in protective gear. Open hearth stacks in the background.

Allegheny-Kiski Valley Heritage Museum 2023
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