Glass, Steel, and Aluminum industries were the economic growth engines for the A-K river valley towns that grew in the shadow of Pittsburgh, attracting entrepreneurs, immigrant labor, and union organizers. You are invited to join in the efforts of the Allegheny-Kiski Valley Historical Society to preserve and celebrate the unique history of this region.


Museum Open Regular Hours:
Wednesday and Saturday
12noon – 3pm (unless otherwise noted)

or by appointment.
Contact us at 724-224-7666

Thank you for all of your support in 2022
and we look forward to you joining us for the 2023 season!



Museum Open Regular Hours:
Wednesday and Saturday
12noon – 3pm (unless otherwise noted)

March 1st – April 9th Exhibit
“Women Step Up!: The Stories of Women in the Alle-Kiski Valley”

Every Wednesday & Saturday Open 12 noon – 3pm
We will show various videos focusing on women in the AK Valley starting at 2pm.

Videos Include:
Women in the Military
The Girl on the Red Velvet Swing
Short biographies of local women such as Stephanie Kwolek (inventor of Kevlar bullet proof vests material)
and Rachel Carson.

March 2nd, Thursday, 6pm – 8pm

March 12th, Sunday, 1pm
“Ding, Dong! Avon Calling… Opening Women Careers.”
Speaker: Wendy Rankin, AKVHS Board Member will talk on the history of Avon as one vehicle for women to enter the workforce as entrepreneurs. Wendy works at Allegheny Valley Hospital in radiation but has sold Avon for nearly three decades! The talk is open to the public and guests may also check out our extensive Avon collection!

March 18th, Saturday, 2pm
Program: “St. Patrick’s Day Flood in the AK Valley”

March 22nd, Wednesday, 6pm – 8pm
Game Night

March 30th, Thursday, 3pm – 6pm
WAKE/ Alle-Kiski Strong Networking Event (RSVP Required)
AKVHS, WAKE and Alle-Kiski Strong Chamber of Commerce are partnering to offer a networking opportunity and will feature Cindy Homburg, Tarentum historian to discuss various women from the history of the AK Valley.


April 5th, Wednesday, 12noon – 3pm
Last day to visit the exhibit “Women Step Up!: The Stories of Women in the Alle-Kiski Valley”

April 6th, Thursday, 6pm – 8pm

April 7, 8, & 9th the museum will be closed in observance for
Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter

April 22nd, Saturday, 12noon – 3pm
Earth Day / Rachel Carson Video

April 23rd, Sunday, Time TBD
Speaker: Charlton Young
Researching a Family’s Heroes and Villains
Mr. Young wrote a book on his family’s Civil War participation. In doing so, he found other interesting members of his family.

(This talk will kick off the AKVHS Monthly Workshop held the last Saturday of each month on “Writing about Your Family’s History.”)

April 26th, Wednesday, 6pm – 8pm
Game Night

April 29th, Saturday, 10am – 12noon
Workshop: Writing about Your Family’s History

Take a look at the
A-K Heritage Museum, a beautiful 1931 Art Deco Building in Tarentum – the cobalt blue glass walls in the ballroom – the murals that tell the story of the home front during WWII – the aluminum collection from the world’s first production plant for aluminum – the Tarentum Glass collection – and much more.
Enjoy browsing through our Alle-Kisiki in the media.
Through volunteering, photographic or area item donations, AKVHS is always happy to extend our history through the help of others.

Donate or Join to be a member and support our AKVHS non-profit.

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