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Eddie Adams, Pulitzer Prize winning photographer was born in New Kensington and worked at the New Kensington Dispatch before going on to international acclaim as a photojournalist. His studio and home are located in Manhattan.

Rachel Carson, environmentalist author who sounded the alarm about the danger of pesticides, born in Springdale. View the Rachel Carson Homestead website.

Johnny Costa (1922-1996), Pittsburgh Jazz Legend, music director of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, Arnold native. Link to web site created and maintained by Dr. Hugh Glenn.

John Filo, Pulitzer Prize winning photographer

Capt. John Ford, established the first commercially successful plate glass manufacturing plant in the world, at Creighton, thereby starting PPG Industries.

Charles Martin Hall (1863-1914) Inventor of the electrolytic method of producing aluminum in 1885. Located world’s first aluminum  production plant in New Kensington in 1891. The company he started is ALCOA. Inducted into the  Inventor’s Hall of Fame in 1976

Samuel Kier, of Tarentum, who first distilled petroleum into kerosene 

Stephanie Louise Kwolek, born in New Kensington, chemist and inventor, discoverer of Kevlar. Inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame in 1995.

Fannie Sellins, Labor Organizer killed in Brackenridge during 1919 steel strike

Uncle Billy Smith, salt well driller from Tarentum who was hired by Col. Edwin Drake to drill the world’s first oil well at Titusville.

Willie Thrower, first black quarterback in the NFL Statue dedicated 9/28/2006

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